Facilities Commissioning & Technical Services

Making Your Facility Work for You


What is Commissioning and should I be interested in it?

The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers ("ASHRAE") defines commissioning as; "a systematic investigation process for optimizing building performance by identifying and implementing relatively low-cost operational and maintenance improvements."

There are several variations of "Commissioning" currently being "pushed" throughout the industry, each focused on different phases of a buildings' life-cycle, including;

                                    New Construction Commissioning

                                    Retro or Re-Commissioning

                                    Existing Building Commissioning

                                    Continuous Commissioning

Each of these variations focuses on providing customers with testing and documentation required to meet a certain goal or certification level as defined by various professional organizations such as the United States Green Buillding Council's (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), ASHRAE or the Department of Energy's Energy Star programs.

Facilities Commissioning & Technical Services can help our customers obtain any of the above certifications.

While each of these certifications are admirable, they may or may not lead to YOUR facility operating in the most efficient manner to meet your business needs.  As such, we also offer what we believe to be a more practical program for our customers who are as interested in their "bottom line" as they are a certificate or a plaque on the wall.  We refer to this program as our Performance Commissioning Program.

Performance Commissioning focuses on working with each of our customers to ensure that they are utilizing their existing systems and tools in the most cost effective manner to meet the current needs of their facility.  We accomplish this by working with your facilities and management groups to identify current HVAC, electrical, lighting, plumbing systems and building automation systems and tailoring the operations of each of these systems to provide you with the most cost efficient operation possible..

Continuous Commissioning is a process which focuses on making sure that once your facility is working right for you that is continues to do so.  This is done by having proper maintenance and review plans in place to ensure todays needs are continually satisfied and that as your needs change, so do your practices.

                                    Together we can get the job done.

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