Facilities Commissioning & Technical Services

Making Your Facility Work for You


Facilities Commissioning & Technical Services exists today for two simple reasons:

• Today's complex and increasingly integrated facilities require a more structured verification process to ensure that all systems that comprise the overall building comfort, safety and productivity systems are being properly installed, tested and commissioned and to ensure that the owners operations team is properly trained on the life cycle operations and maintenance needs of these systems.

• As existing buildings and operating systems age and facility usage change, owners and operators need an independent, vendor neutral resource to assist them with a long term focus on systems applicability, performance and reliability. 

At Facilities Commissioning & Technical Services we understand that the best designs can be undermined by poor installation practices, the lack of attention to details and poor communication. 

We also understand that even if your facility was properly designed, installed and commissioned, your business changes with time.  What many facility owners fail to acknowledge is with those changes, often your facility's systems needed to change as well.  

We can help.  As an independently owned and operated organization, without vendor or manufacturer affiliations, we are able to offer your business honest evaluations without the high cost of corporate overhead or the fears of the 'after-sale'.  

The following are a list of services that we can offer.  Give us a chance to serve you.                                  
                                    Together we can get the job done!

 Commissioning Services:                        Technical Services & Evaluations:

        New Construction                                    Operational and Energy Audits

        Existing Building                                       Maintenance Programs

        Re-Commissioning                                    Control Systems Evaluations

        LEED Commissioning                                Fire & Security Systems

        Performance Commissioning                    System Troubleshooting 

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