Facilities Commissioning & Technical Services

Making Your Facility Work for You

Technical Services Offerings:
Facility Operational and Energy Audits:

Walk Through Services designed to identify:
    • No Cost / Low Cost Operational Enhancements

    • High Return on Investment (ROI) measures centered around upgrades and / or
       system modifications with a direct energy or maintenance cost reduction.

    • High Risk Exposure Items / Longer Term (Capital) Improvement Opportunities.

    • Identification of Energy Projects with potential for local utility or State agency 
       rebates or incentives.

Maintenance Program Evaluations:

    • Review of current Preventative Maintenance (PM) programs for effectiveness and 
       cost justification.

    • Review of subcontracted maintenance programs.

    • Re-scoping assistance for maintenance programs.

Control and Low Voltage Systems Evaluation:

    • Trend / History data review of system stability and repeatability.

    • Set point tracking.  Reset Schedule review, evaluation and recommendations.

    • Sequence of Operations review, evaluations and recommendations.

    • System Design Enhancements / re-commissioning / expansion analysis.

System Troubleshooting Services:

    • Assistance with and analysis of Long Term & On-Going operational issues.

    • Facility use changes and their effect on HVAC / Electrical Systems.

    • Design Build partnerships - Customer representation.


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